Introducing Aleah new chatbot

Enhance user experience with a personalized and efficient Chatbot plugin that provides seamless answers to questions


Personalization & Context-Awareness

Boosting Lead Generation & Sales with Enhanced Support

Resolves common issues effectively

Use context from your site's posts

The “Aleah” chat bot leverages posts from your website and presents the information in a user-friendly widget, enabling users to conveniently read and access relevant content

Simplify User Assistance and Data Collection

Included use case for FAQs

Users can find answers to frequently asked questions that you have prepared in advance in the plugin settings with just a few clicks

Get user emails

Allowing seamless communication and efficient information exchange between users and the bot

Collect users data

The “Aleah” includes the capability to collect and analyze user data for improved communication, order processing, and valuable insights


No Recurring Costs
You pay once and use it forever. Plus free lifetime updates.

Empower your WooCommerce store with an intelligent helper to efficiently answer customer questions and provide accurate information about your products

The chat bot “Aleah” utilizes the WebSpeech API to enable speech capabilities, allowing the bot to speak and interact with users through voice-based communication.

Our chatbot is fluent in the popular 10 languages and can respond to user queries in their preferred language. With speech recognition capabilities, it offers seamless communication and accessibility across different languages.


Powerful Features of Helper

Scalability and cost-effectiveness

Aleah scales customer support effortlessly by handling multiple conversations simultaneously

Data collection and analysis

Aleah collects valuable customer data for analysis, providing insights to improve products and services

Continuous learning and improvement

The bot learns from interactions, adapting responses to evolving user needs and industry trends for continuous improvement

Time-saving automation

Aleah chat bot automates tasks and inquiries, optimizing time for customers and support staff

Multilingual capabilities

The bot communicates in multiple languages, expanding business reach and accessibility

24/7 availability

Helper provides 24/7 customer assistance, ensuring satisfaction across time zones for global businesses and diverse audiences

Powered by OpenAI GPT-3 (ChatGPT)

Effortlessly handle user inquiries, deliver personalized responses, and resolve common issues with the Aleah chatbot


  • Powered by OpenAI

  • Contextual understanding based on site posts, products, or specific text

  • Customizable bot objective

  • Multilingual Support

  • The Bot speaking by WebSpeech API

  • Focus on the context of your site

  • Includes 40+ Languages and more than 160 voices for text-to-speech

  • Included more than 160 voices for text-to-speech

  • Adaptive Learning

  • Emotion Detection

  • Translated to 10 most popular languages

  • Includes limited speed recognition

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Integration with other communication methods

  • Simulates humanoid behavior in chat

  • Can collect form data

  • Flexible chat style settings

  • Translated into 10 most popular languages

  • The bot with unique behavior for each site

  • Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Variable and customizable greeting phrases

  • Customizable sounds for sending and receiving messages

  • 8 predefined Bot button positions

  • Support Bot shortcode to use anywhere

  • Advanced accessibility of the chatbot interface

  • Saving the last response of the bot

  • Possibility to use a bot for survey forms

  • Can answer questions about your WooCommerce products

  • Native Valid JavaScript, without jQuery

  • Beautiful modern User Interface

  • Tested and Compatible with WordPress 6+

  • Lightweight and Fast

  • All major browsers supported Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Internet Explorer

  • Compatible with WooCommerce

  • Easy to use and customize

  • Installation Guide

  • Detailed Users Manual

  • Huge Customization Capabilities


Frequently Asked Questions

The Aleah chatbot is translated into 10 of the most popular languages to allow users to interact with it in their preferred language. It also has speech recognition capabilities in many languages.

Yes, the chat style and response settings to allow fully customizing the chatbot's look and behavior to match your site. You can also focus its responses on the specific context of your site.

Yes, the chatbot can integrate with other communication methods, and has capabilities to answer questions about WooCommerce products, implying it integrates with that e-commerce platform.

Through its use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the chatbot adapts its responses based on interactions to continuously learn and improve. It also gets updated features and capabilities in new releases.

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